Description of the raw data products and test data

In the table below you will find descriptions and details of our products as well as some test data.

These raw data products can be processed and customised according to individual requirements.

Please note: The test data are only extracts of the weekly download files.

Product number
Name of product
European Patent Register (EBD)
14.2 Text of EP-A documents
14.3 Text of EP-B documents
14.6  Text of decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal  
14.7 EPO patent information resource "DOCDB"
ECLA database  
Electronic Machine Translation Dictionaries  
14.11 EPO worldwide legal status database (INPADOC)
14.12 EP-A & EP-B full text in XML, combined
14.13 EP-A & EP-B full text in PDF/A
Full images of worldwide patent documents from the BNS collection 
14.14.1 Clipped Images from the BNS collection
14.18 WO Full Text Database
EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT)  
EPO worldwide legal status database for PATSTAT

Information on downloading the products

  • To download raw data from the EPO website regularly, you must subscribe to the service
  • The data is password-protected
  • Only the front files from the most recent weeks are available
  • Back-files are delivered on carriers (CD-Rom/DVD or external hard disk)

Data usage

Please note that neither the data nor the products may be used or sold commercially without a licence agreement. Details on the agreement and the general conditions for the delivery of EPO information products can be found in the overall products price list.

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