Official Journal on DVD

Content description

This collection includes all EPO Official Journal issues in PDF format.

Recommended use

This Official Journal archive is the ideal complement to the paper and internet version of the Official Journal of the EPO. The archive is searchable.

Type of documents

The Official Journal issues are stored PDF (Portable Document File) documents.

Languages available

The Official Journal of the EPO is published in the three official languages of the EPO: English, French and German.

Coverage of the overall series

The archive comprises all Official Journal issues published since the founding of the EPO in 1978 until the end of the last preceding year.

Update frequency

The archive disc is produced once a year.

Searchable fields

Each Official Journal issue is accessible via the volume number. The full text is searchable using Adobe Catalog index files.

Special features

The Acrobat Reader freeware is available in its English, French or German version on the disc.

Link to other related products

The Internet version of the Official Journal of the EPO.

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