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Databases searchable using the MIMOSA software:

  • Decisions of the EPO boards of appeal
  • Directory of professional representatives
  • Collection of legal texts

Collection of publications:

  • Collection of legal texts, guides and reports related to the European Patent Convention
  • Decisions of the EPO boards of appeal, from 1978 onwards in XML
  • EQE Compendium, including all the examination papers of the European Qualifying Examination from 1990 onwards.

The legal texts are available in HTML or in PDF format which enable links within and between the documents. You only need a standard internet browser and Acrobat Reader software to use ESPACE LEGAL.

The MIMOSA software is provided on the DVD, you do not need to install it. For some functions to work properly, you will need to install Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on your workstation and enable Java scripts.

Recommended use

ESPACE LEGAL was designed as the patent attorney's bookshelf in electronic format  and as a complement to the collection of publications on the EPO's website. Target users are patent attorneys, legal departments and lawyers interested in monitoring the case law at the EPO.

Languages available

The published board of appeal decisions are available in the three official languages of the EPO, the unpublished ones are available in the language of the proceedings.

The legal texts are available, as far as possible in the three official languages of the EPO; some texts are only available in English and French.

Update frequency

There are two issues of ESPACE LEGAL per year (May, November).

Most of the legal texts, the directory of professional representatives and the collection of boards of appeal decisions are also available via the EPO website.

Searchable fields

The following fields are available for searching the decisions of the EPO Boards of Appeal:

APL Applicant
APN Application number
ART Articles and Rules
BOA Board of appeal
CLR Year of Jurisprudence Report
CSN Case number
DAT Decision date
DCI Cited decisions
HDN Headnote
HDW Headword
KEY Keyword
LNG Document language
NEW First published on LEGAL, issue
OFJ Published in Official Journal, issue
OPP Opponent
PRESENCE Presence of data
PRL Procedure language
TXT Full text (proximity)
TYP Decision type

The following fields are available for searching the directory of professional representatives:

CITY Representative's city
LAND Representative's country code
NAME Representative's name

The following field is available for searching the collection of legal texts:

TXT Full text

MIMOSA software

MIMOSA retrieval software is a Microsoft Windows-based software. You can learn to use MIMOSA very rapidly thanks to an extremely user friendly interface in eight different languages. You can customise many parameters for display, printing and downloading to suit your own needs.

With MIMOSA, you have a range of functions available for consulting databases (ten interfaces in different languages; three search masks), and for building, submitting and saving queries. You can display, print or download your search results (documents, notices, hitlist) according to the configuration you choose.

MIMOSA retrieval software includes export facilities for text and image data in standard formats (ASCII, TIFF, PDF, SGML, RTF, TXT, XML), and detailed help in English, French and German. You can use MIMOSA on a stand-alone workstation or over a (LAN) network.

MIMOSA software is free. Click here to install MIMOSA and follow the instructions on the screen.

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