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ESPACE ACCESS EP-B database contains all bibliographic information on granted European patents, including searchable first claims in English, French and German from 1 January 1991. ESPACE ACCESS EP-B also contains cross-references to the complete document on the corresponding ESPACE EP-B full text disc and hyperlink to Espacenet and the IPC on WIPO's web site.

Recommended use

The ESPACE ACCESS EP-B database is designed for conducting a quick off-line state-of-the-art search on all granted European patents. As an indexing tool, ESPACE ACCESS EP-B is a must for ESPACE EP-B users.

Type of documents

EP B1, B2, B8 and B9 bibliographic records of European patent specifications

Languages available

Searchable titles in French, English and German. Searchable first claim in English, French and German from 1 January 1991.

Coverage of the overall series

From the first European patent granted in 1980 to date.

  • Backfile (volume 1) covers the period from 20 December 1978 until 30 December 2009
  • Frontfile (volume 2) covers the period from 6 January 2010 to date

The Production table shows the most recent issues.

Update frequency

All the data is available on discs (CD-ROM or DVD) as well as online via the Internet using the MIMOSA retrieval software or the new browser-based Patent information expert services.

  • Backfile (volume 1) is produced once a year on DVD and online
  • Frontfile (volume 2) is updated on quarterly basis on CD-ROM and online
  • A file containing the weekly data is made available on a weekly basis, on the day of publication of the European patent Office, usually every Wednesday (14:00 CET).

Direct link to the weekly files.

Searchable fields

The following fields are available for searching, alone or combined:
AD        Filing date
AN        Application number
BD        B1 publication date
BE        B2 publication date
CD       Cited patent document
CL_E     English Claims
CL_F     French Claims
CL_G    German Claims
CW      Cited non-patent literature
DC       Correction date (last)
DP       Publication date (First)
DPA     Publication dates (All)
DS       Designated state
EP       EP Publication number
ET       English title
FT       French title
GT      German title
IC       All classifications (IPC Versions 1-7)
ICA     Classifications advanced level
ICAA   Class. Advanced level - Additional information
ICAI    Class. advanced level - Invention information
ICC     Classifications core level
ICCA   Class. core level - Additional information
ICCI    Class. core level - Invention information
INV      Inventor
IPC      All classifications (IPC Versions 1-8)
KI       Document kind
MC      Main classification
NO      WO-EUROPCT number
PA      Applicant
PD      Priority date
PR      Priority number
PRESENCE     Presence of data
RP      Representative

Special features

The data is fully downloadable. Using the MIMOSA retrieval software, the information can be selectively downloaded or printed by selecting specific fields.

They also provide a link to the Espacenet service and the IPC on WIPO's website.

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