EPO support for the patent information centres (PATLIB)

The European Patent Office (EPO) actively supports the PATLIB network within the framework of its co-operation policy with the national patent offices in the member states. This support is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the staff of the national offices, the patent information centres, and their end users. Each year the EPO spends € 10 million on supporting the dissemination of patent information in Europe.

Via the national offices, the EPO is able to provide:

  • Co-operation programmes - for the creation of new PATLIB centres, training, or patent information hardware, for example
  • Financial support - according to the rules of the new co-operation policy (100% / 75% / 25%)
  • CD-ROM collections, general periodicals and publications - available free of charge from the EPO following a request via the national patent offices
  • The PATLIB directory - containing details of all PATLIB contact points and available on the EPO website
  • The annual PATLIB conference - jointly organised and funded by the host-country patent office and the EPO. The event provides a unique platform for PATLIB staff to exchange experiences and information with one another and with the EPO.

The EPO and the PATLIB centres

Individual PATLIB centres may benefit from cooperation programmes between the EPO and the national patent offices of the various member states provided the PATLIB support is mentioned in the respective national action plan of their home country according to the rules of the new cooperation policy.

The PATLIB conference

The PATLIB conference is an annual event which was established to provide a forum for the staff of regional patent information centres to communicate with one another and to work together on issues of common interest. In addition to providing information and training, the conference allows PATLIB staff to exchange expertise and to maintain and establish contacts throughout Europe.

The conference is jointly organised by the national office of the host country and the directorate Patent Information Promotion and Training at the Vienna sub-office of the European Patent Office.

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