About patent information centres

What are PATLIB centres?

PATLIB stands for PATent LIBrary. The PATLIB centres were created to provide users with local access to patent information and related issues. The centres have qualified and experienced staff who offer practical assistance on a variety of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Working in the language of the country concerned, they are familiar with the needs and requirements of local industry, agriculture and trade, and are able to provide valuable information services, especially to small and medium-sized enterprises, private inventors and academics.

As the number of PATLIB centres has grown, the range of services has been expanded to include, for example, trade marks, designs and copyright. Many of the centres have diversified still further to provide an even greater breadth and depth of services.

What is the PATLIB network?

A joint creation of the national patent offices of the EPO member states and their regional patent information centres, the PATLIB network is made up of patent information centres located throughout Europe. It was set up with the aim of improving communication and co-operation between individual centres and promoting patent information awareness and the provision of services to the public. There are currently more than 320 centres altogether, although this number is constantly growing.

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