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The annual PATLIB conference is a chance for PATLIB centres to meet, and to share and exchange experiences.

PATLIB conference

Patent information centres (PATLIB)

Patent information centres (JPG)

Patent information centres (collectively known as PATLIB, short for PATent LIBrary) can be found throughout the EPO member states. They have qualified and experienced local staff who can offer practical assistance on different kinds of intellectual property rights (IPRs).


Find your local patent information centre.

EPO support

The EPO actively supports the PATLIB network together with national patent offices in the member states. This support includes co-operation programmes, financial assistance, CD-ROM collections and general periodicals and publications.


PATLIB centres can provide intellectual property documentation, copy and document delivery services, searches in IP documentation, and technology and competitor trend analyses.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Answers to the most common questions about patent information centres and their services