Policies and licences


The EPO is guardian to data on over 70 million patent documents from around the world. It is our policy to "make available, at marginal cost, improved and more comprehensive data collections, together with tools for analysing this data to provide services for end-users." We explicitly welcome the use of our data as a resource for anyone interested in the technology it contains or the legal rights it defines. We also welcome its use as the basis for successful commercial products. It is our firm belief that widely available patent data is an essential support to innovation and the economy in general.

The European patent information policy (PDF, 57 KB) 

Data usage

Please note that the EPO data - whether it is free of charge or not - may not be used or sold commercially without a licence agreement. If you acquire data from the EPO's standard patent information products and services, you can use this data personally, i.e. for non-commercial use. If you intend to develop a product and/or service made available to third parties, you need to sign a licence agreement. We do not charge royalties and there are no fees associated with the contract.

Fair use charter


For information on obtaining a licence agreement please contact patentdata@epo.org.

For information on pricing and ordering please contact csc@epo.org.

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