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Asian Patent Information Services
Tel.: +43 1 52126 4545
e-mail: asiainfo@epo.org

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday 8.00-16.45 hrs CET

Friday 8.00-16.00 hrs CET


EPO Patent Information Conference

Learn about the European patent system, participate in technical discussions and training courses and view Europe's leading patent information exhibition.

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Asian patent information

Staffed by experts on the Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent systems, our Asian patent information services offer assistance in searching original-language patent databases and provide advice on the efficient use of free internet sources.

Translation services

From Japanese, Chinese and Korean, our professional translators translate titles, bibliographic data and claims, abstracts or even entire documents.

Virtual helpdesk

Provides answers to frequently asked questions on patent information in Asia. Find information on:

Search services

Experts at our Asian patent information services are skilled in the various Asian languages and can help when you've done all you can with English-language searching.

East meets West in Vienna

A forum for patent information users from Asia and Europe. Find out about the latest developments in Asian patent databases, meet the experts, share experiences, or simply get ideas and inspiration from your fellow users at our annual conference.

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