Background information

European Patent Office

The mission of the European Patent Office (EPO) is to support innovation, competitiveness and economic growth for the benefit of the citizens of Europe. Its task is to grant European patents for inventions on the basis of a centralized procedure for the contracting states to the European Patent Convention (EPC), which was signed in Munich on 5 October 1973 and entered into force on 7 October 1977.

Benoît Battistelli

Benoît Battistelli took up his duties as President of the European Patent Office on 1 July 2010 following his election in March.

Referral on the patentability of programs for computers

Frequently asked questions about the referral.  

Patenting Trends in Eco-Innovation

Eco-innovation is a broad concept and is reflected in a large number of technical fields. One important example of a technology which is pivotal for tackling climate change is the generation and transformation of energy. This backgrounder looks at the development of patent applications in this area which were filed at the EPO between 1998 and 2007.

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