Trouver conférences, séminaires, cours et autres manifestations relatives aux brevets

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The patent event search area enables you to search for details of patent-related events organised by different institutions in Europe, including the EPO. You can use the date range fields to search for both upcoming and past events, including conferences, seminars and courses.

Any EPO training events in your search results will be highlighted with a grey background. To see EPO training events only, select "EPO events" from the "Event provider" drop-down list.

The "Medium" and "Level of expertise" categories are available for training events only.

Details of third-party events have been collected by the  European Patent Academy in cooperation with UAIPIT.

If you have any comments or would like to submit details of an event for inclusion in the patent event search, please contact UAIPIT via e-mail.

Information on how to place an advertisement, or request a listing in the calendar of events, in the Official Journal is available on the Official Journal page.  

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