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Find out more about the boards of appeal - their structure, organisation and what they do.

Boards of appeal

Read about a proposal to give the EPO's boards of appeal organisational autonomy and a judicial function.

Organisational autonomy of the boards of appeal

Check the calendar of oral proceedings.


Case law and appeals

Boards of appeal (JPG)

The boards of appeal and associated administrative services are integrated into the organisational structure of the EPO as Directorate-General 3. They are independent from the Office in their decisions and are bound only by the European Patent Convention (EPC).

The boards of appeal decisions database

Comprehensive texts of each decision of the EPO boards of appeal contained in the database (since 1979). The decisions are available in the language of the proceedings (English, French or German).

Case law

A substantial body of case law on the European Patent Convention has developed since the first decision of a board of appeal was handed down in 1979.

European National Patent Decisions Report

This publication contains summaries of selected patent decisions from the EPO contracting states. The emphasis is on decisions issued between 1999 - 2003.