Making payments

Fee payments, which must be in euro, can be made to the EPO

  • by payment/transfer to a bank account of the European Patent Organisation, quoting, as payment reference for the bank, the patent application number and fee codes to which the payment relates

  • via a deposit account held with the EPO

More information: 

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Guidance for the payment of fees and expenses (as of 1 April 2010)

OJ EPO 3/2010


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Arrangements for deposit accounts and their annexes

Supplement to OJ EPO 3/2009
(as from 1.4.2009)

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EPO Form 1010 - Payment of fees and expenses 

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Request to open a deposit account at the EPO 

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Online Fee Payment

(EPO deposit accounts only) 
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Bank accounts of the European Patent Organisation for payments in euro

OJ EPO 3/2011

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